Live 2: CD
  • Live 2: CD
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  1. 365
  2. He'd Have to Walk Through the Blood
  3. Victory Side
  4. When He Loves Me Most
  5. Something Out of Nothing
  6. What Judas Didn't Know
  7. God's Bigger Than Life
  8. I Can't Make It Lord Without You
  9. There Is a Cross in Your Way
  10. The Master of Grace
  11. The Apple of His Eye
  12. He Brought Me Out
  13. The Grave Clothes
  14. Children of the Dust
  15. What a Day That Will Be
  16. Amazing Grace
  17. Children of the Dust [Live Version]
  18. He Will Calm The Troubled Waters
  19. He'd Still Been God
  20. Hello In Heaven
  21. I Saw The Light
  22. If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again 23. I'll Rise, I'll Fly
  23. Let Me Fall
  24. The Next Step
  25. What A Way To Spend Forever
  26. Whirlwind
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