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Welcome to our store. Here you can  personalize your own Life Story bracelet. There are Charms and Beads where you can put your hobby, your job, your family, the list has endless possibilities. I try to have charms that are themed religious, music, family, pets, schools, and MORE! If you don’t see a bead or charm that you are looking for, just let me know and I can special order them. I can put a bracelet together for you and send a picture and you can see what you think.. This is a lot of fun to do. I myself have 3 bracelets. I can show you how to clean them and put more charms on. So let’s start right here and make a story of  memories. Remember you can  design your own bracelet, I will  take a picture of your bracelet before I mail it. I want you to be happy with you  bracelet. I have so many beads so if there is something you want and don’t see it I can order it for you. I know it’s close to Christmas but We can get it done for you if I have it in stock. Now through Dec. 21st FREE SHIPPING. IF YOU HAVE ANY  questions  Email me at I take payment through PayPal using this email address. Thank you for looking at my Page. We will be updating and adding cleaning  instructions  Soon!


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